The PS4™ kids friendly party game you play with your phone.

Melbits™ World is an engaging team problem solving challenge with an arcade twist! Ittbrings all the players together with a fresh but extremely easy to control gameplay in which kids, novice players, harcore gamers and even your grandma can have fun when playing!.


 A hidden gem amongst PlayLink titles. Players have to control the different obstacles in the scenario to be able to save all the adorable Melbits that move by themselves. Coordination and communication between all players is key to success… remember, victory among many tastes better!.

The more you play, the more accessories you will have to customice the Melbits™ community that will live inside your PS4™. There’s a lot of cool characters, surprises and crazy dances waiting for you!.

Let’s get digital with Melbits™ World!

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